Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aarti Thali decoration

Navratri is just approaching and though it’s a festival time, the fact of not in India, not being with parents brings dismay and sadness. Emotions override joy and enthusiasm.
But it’s getting better as years pass by. Now I have a few friends who can accompany me in Garba and probably I might have started loving US!

In India, every Navratri we will do something different and unique. Sometimes it is patch and mirror-work on chaniya-choli, sometimes decorating pooja-thali, sometimes trying different variety on ‘prasad’. 3-4 days ago when I was thinking about making Navratri more special than previous years, suddenly thought popped-up why not decorate pooja-thali? In a way, it will be small tribute to mom also. She always taught me to utilize time in constructive manner. We always participated in such competition either during Navratri or ganesh-chaturthi and won the prize.

As the blog title says, ‘Originality and Imagination’, I would not say it is completely justifiable as far as this task is concerned but I can say I have transformed it into American Scrap-booking look and feel J. I bought satin lace, different color stones (These are for stitching and not for scrap-booking though) and stickers. Next job was to find a thali since I do not have any stainless-steal thali. I finally used oval-shaped serving tray.


I used lace, stones and stickers in outer-border and grain and pulses for inside border. Got a nice photo of “Ambe-Ma” and padded it with papers. The best creativity shot was to use crayola tubes to draw swastik and flowers (credit goes to Kunal). Hope it stays good so I can use it for all 9 days. This will be my 3rd Navratri in US and I am hoping at least it should be better than previous two.

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